About us


The Association for International Criminal Law (AICL) is an independent, non-governmental and non-profit association of citizens, with a goal to research, study and affirm the International Criminal Law. The association contributes to the science of Criminal Law, especially International Criminal Law, as well as to the other scientific disciplines which are related to it.


In order to fulfill its mission, the Association especially:


  1. Researches and affirms the scientific and professional literature necessary for the successful harmonization of Serbian Criminal Law with modern trends,
  2. Organizes, alone or in cooperation with other organizations, professional gatherings, conferences, consultations, seminars or presentations of our and foreign legal solutions and theoretical legal opinions,
  3. Publishes books or other publications in the field of Criminal Law and related disciplines,
  4. Organizes and educates legal theorists and practitioners of law to work on scientific or professional research projects,
  5. Cooperates with universities, professional associations and other organizations in the Republic of Serbia and abroad that study criminal law or related legal disciplines,
  6. Participates in the preparation of legal and other regulations in the field of Criminal Law, in cooperation with authorities,
  7. Exchanges experiences, knowledge and takes part in other forms of international cooperation in order to acquaint our scientific and professional public with the achievements of others in this field, as well as the foreign public with our achievements.


Any person that is a bachelor of Laws (LLB) and that accepts the goals of the Association and its Statute can become a member of the International Criminal Law Association.


The International Criminal Law Association has its Assembly and its Council which is tasked with fulfilling the goals of the Association.